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Philosophy and Approach


Feelings of despair, anxiety, rage, confusion, hopelessness, and depression are normal responses to a broken world. This brokenness manifests as oppression, inequality, trauma, destruction, and violence. Sometimes it can seem impossible to feel whole given the state of things. And yet, it is my deeply held belief that we can heal both individually and collectively, to find ourselves whole again, belonging. 

I strive to partner with my clients to identify the root of their distress, with particular sensitivity to the context of their lives. Creating a therapeutic alliance in which my clients feel safe, seen, and cared for is essential for healing to occur. As such, attunement and compassion are the cornerstones of my approach. It is my hope that our therapeutic work is empowering and that my clients find meaning in their pain along with new ways of relating to themselves and others.

I also believe that trauma of all kinds are held in the body. There are many ways to dislodge and process trauma, freeing up the body and mind to have new and more joyous experiences. I am working towards an EMDR certification, just one of the modalities I use to process trauma and heal from the past.

Modalities I draw from:

  • Attachment

  • Depth psychology

  • Family Systems

  • EMDR

  • Harm Reduction

  • Mindfulness

  • Multi-cultural feminism

  • Play therapy

  • Somatic psychology

  • Psychodrama

No matter what modalities and tools I may bring into the room, the most important piece is your voice, your wisdom, and your intuition.

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